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June 8th, 2012

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Marching in the streets of Riyadh probably isn’t all that appealing when the thermometer makes it’s way up towards 110 degrees Fahrenheit most days this time of year, so it makes more than a little sense to stage your political protest where it’s nice and cool: the local mall.

Upset about the political detention of their relatives, family members of some Saudi dissidents took to the aptly-named Sahara Mall to carry out a little old school civil disobedience.

Whether or not anything more comes of this remains to be seen, but just keep in mind that a collapse of the Saudi dictatorship would be a very very bad thing for America.  Since these initial protests the unrest has grown and hundreds of protestors have started to hit the streets, but only time will tell if the movement grows or turns into a one-off event.

Check out the full story over at Saudi Jeans, there are loads more videos after the jump:

Relatives of political detainees held a small protest in Riyadh Wednesday night, photos and videos posted to social media sites showed. The protest took place inside Sahara Mall in the northern part of the Saudi capital. The videos below show men marching inside the mall as they chant a hadeeth by the Prophet that says “release the distressed.”



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