Following 9/11, the author of Tremble the Devil began a career with the NSA, where he put his Harvard degree to use working on some of their most sensitive and salient missions. He finished his career in Counterterrorism, where he produced analysis on one of the deadliest terrorist groups in the world.

This “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit explains the backstory behind Tremble the Devil:

So after enough time writing up reports that went directly into an electronic black hole I figured I was too young to feel like I was wasting my life stuck behind a desk. Now the book I wrote is up on the internet totally for free.

Maybe I just took Fight Club a little too seriously.

But I decided to leave the DoD to write a colloquial and accessible book about terrorism, I’d studied Government while in college, getting Harvard’s equivalent of a minor in Arabic and taking as many classes about the Middle Eastern history and Islamic politics as I could – what’s happening now in the Middle East is pretty much exactly what I studied, what’ll happen when democracy finally comes along and sweeps across the region. So after doing the query letter thing I managed to land myself an agent who seemed pretty awesome. And then the literary industry began to collapse, and then the economy tanked. So we amicably parted ways and I set off on my own.

At that point I begin to seriously question my decision to leave my desk job and take on $87,932 of debt to try and get what I thought was an important message out there, and also be able to keep coaching high school sports year-round.

After being loosely affiliated with a couple social media companies, I decided to just go ahead and throw the entire thing up online where you can read it for free. If you want to get an idea of what it’s like, this post is a general overview of my take on terrorism, and this one gets into specifics about just how damaging the War on Drugs has been.

If you’ve curious at all about his story, or have any feedback about the book or anything else he’s written please don’t hesitate to shoot him an email at: TrembleTheDevil (at)

And unfortunately his decision-making didn’t really get any better, as several years later he got his dumbass incarcerated for 1,300 days – you can read about all of those adventures as well as his coverage of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic at

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