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“The most accessible book on terrorism ever written – An eye-opening read, deeply philosophical and scathing in the best way – Brilliant, and wonderfully written on top of that – No right or left, just facts and history – A hugely absorbing and very timely offering –  There is no question that when it comes to terrorism, Tremble the Devil is the textbook –  I learned so much while reading this book and enjoyed every page – I highly recommend this book for those who want to know more about terrorism, the origin of radical Islam and its fingerprint in the world today – Cuts through the media blather to give an honest accounting of the sort of complexity inherent in analyzing and understanding the phenomenon of terror – No other author has so intricately written about terrorism in such detail” 


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From the start terrorism has been framed as the work of the Devil himself, but this is a dangerous misconception: terrorism is nothing more than the continuation of ancient wars by modern means.

We see it everyday in the news: stretching out across deafened Arab streets, uncurling in the clouds above shattered refugee camps, and clawing hungrily at the social fabric of America. As our societies and the technologies they depend on have evolved, so too have the methods of the terrorist.

Tremble the Devil is The Looming Tower meets Freakonomics, it combines compelling narratives with approachable academic explanations into an intriguing and salient book that reads like a novel.

It is, however, a work of non-fiction that divides the aforementioned three levels of comprehension into three parts, and illustrates terrorism theory by recounting the most important modern attacks and tying them to the past, each other, and the future – in the process creating the richest and most complete work on terrorism to date, a book that will change the way you look at everything from organized religion to sports drinks.

Tremble the Devil is a lucid explanation of terrorism in all its forms, you can get yourself a copy below, or spend as much time as you’d like reading the entire book online – totally for free.


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